(Note.  Assignments in brackets with a "+" are expected to be completed for student understanding but are not graded)

Homework 1: Assigned Thurs Apr 4th. Due Thurs Apr 11th

        (+ Work though the Linux exercises at the end of Lecture 3)

Homework 2: Assigned Thurs Apr 11th. Due Thurs Apr 18th (**deadline extended to Mon 22nd 9am**)

        (+ Complete the pairwise interaction exercise at the end of Lecture 6)

Homework 3: Assigned Tues Apr 23rd. Due Tues Apr 30th

Homework 4 (MPI): Assigned Tues Apr 30th. Due Tues May 14th

        (+ Complete the 2D decomposition finite-difference performance model exercise at the end of Lecture 12)

Homework 5 (OpenMP): Assigned Thurs May 16th. Due Thurs May 23rd

Final Project (MPI): Assigned Tues May 21st. Due Mon June 10th by noon